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The overall reason we will build this farm is to plant items and grow them to full expectancy.

Items like biodynamic, organic edible and medicinal plants. Self and community worth. Deep love and respect for our planet and all life forms upon it.

We are the CRUSADERS, fighting for the CHALICE of SELF WORTH. A QUEST to EMPOWER those that believe that their society treats them WRETCHEDLY


There are so many wonderful people in our community that would really love a project like this.I know ,we know, there are sad people trying to block us at the moment but they WILL NOT !!! .go to WKGCF.PE.HU watch, dream. ” You gotta have a dream, if you don’t got a dream, how you ever going to make your dreams come true !!” ( South pacific, Hammerstein )Be with us !!!!!! 🦁 Lionheart August 2021

The Farm now and how it got there

This wonderful and peaceful farm is the result of lots of work by a great many people over a span of 20 years.

From the very beginning the vision was that the farm should accommodate the people in our community that just need life, in general, to move at a slower pace.

It was not to totally isolate the inhabitants from THE NICETIES of life but to allow them to be a choice “NOT A NECESSITY”.

The story of the adventure so far,

                                      MARCH 07 2021

          My mother HILDA JAMES bought the property “ HAY LOCATION 498 shire of DENMARK “ in 17/01/2003, 18 years ago as a rehabilitation project for my brother SIMON, her youngest son, who was dying of cancer

[he left us in 2017]. Shortly after his passing mother suggested to me that I might like to move to the farm myself. This was an offer totally ” out of the blue” I did not even know anything about the farm !

I went to the LANDGATE lands group in Midland and got the paper work and within days, 28/8 2017, I drove down there right on to the farm.

          The 2.4 km forest track [defiantly NOT a road !] winding on sand and rock through heavily overgrown forest undergrowth. I bulldozed my way all the way down to the front gate heavily overgrown with grass [ I have photos of all this], cut my way into the farm, where it is [when not flooded] 100 acres of paradise ! at least 100 kangaroos and 12 emus fled before me ! what a sight !

          I knew NOTHING about this farm at all, mother just told me of it and that I should live there, I was then, and am now for over 22 years, living in a 1956 London double decker bus  in a farm paddock with the cows, rabbits and SIMBO the dog that I am responsible for, I am a “high functioning” ASPERGERS, [autistic] so that life style suits me JUST FINE thank you !

          But still, 100 acres !!! all I knew was that it belonged to mum, that was all !.

          From the photo of the farm, supplied by LANDGATE I saw there was a shed so I drove there winding my way there though the grassy paddocks around the swamp areas to the shed. To my surprise within the shed was an 20 yrs. old 24 foot caravan surrounded by grass and cobwebs. On the floor in the caravan was a news paper dated 2009 as was the milk in the fridge ! I still had NO CLUE what it all meant ! until I saw a lino printed poster hanging in the wall, [one of a set that my JAPANESE artist partner had given to we brothers some 15 years before] and on the back of this one, her regards to SIMON !!! Then it all fell into place !!. the books and clothing etc WERE his !  he had come down there, at least once anyway but had done NOTHING farming wise, no veggie plot or anything like that [ lots and lots of VERY expired food in cupboards].

          I slept there in a very comfortable, warm bed in the caravan and in the morning as the sun rose over the misty forest trees, [ the whole farm is surrounded with almost ? 90% MT LINDESAY NATIONAL PARK trees] I saw 100’s of kangaroos quietly grazing on the grasses with a dozen emus. [having spent my childhood in UGANDA in the bush, not the cities it was a VERY touching sight].

          It immediately came to my mind that my mother, [who was NOT gone yet, not for a few years at least] had written in her will, in July 2011 [ I actually took her to the solicitor many years before], HER ESTATE and belongings were to be divided four ways [and as Simon had just left us ] 3 ways. So,,, I get 33.3333 acres of the property ?.   Mmm !.

          I had a long time before a dream of a disability/refugee style farm but now !!??

It might be possible??

You may care to refer to the web page “ the Prayer”.

          The Bible consultation was enough !!!

Within days met a DENMARK real estate agent.

He told me that he had sold mother the property some 16 years previously for

$160 000 and now [2017] it was worth $200,000.

I immediately remarked that it did not seem to have gained much value over so many years and he told me the basic truths about the property;

  • Changed owner 6 times since 1986.
  • The ground soil is not suitable to grow anything farming wise, it is mostly sand and clay. Some tried all failed.
  • No scheme power, very expensive to get it 26 kms from nearest town, DENMARK.
  • No scheme water, very very expensive to get it.
  • 2.4 kms of narrow winding forest track access very expensive to change if permission gotten from forest management,[dubious ]
  • No general phone or internet reception very limited reception on far north east corner sometimes.
  • Free ranging kangaroos and rabbits[hundreds].

He said in the last 40 years it has changed hands about 6 times and all waited long time between sale.

          ”If you want to sell it be prepared for a long wait “ he said.

I had already figured most of that already  so I was neither surprised or put off,  I have been involved with land and water challenges many  times in my “ECO style” life. [The only one of mothers sons to do so, I must add !].

          That was three and half years ago and what has happened?.

  • I have made many visits there and stayed for months each time.
  • Made my self known in DENMARK, did many street and picture show performances.
  • I spruik KANGAROO GLADES COMMUITY FARM [a white kangaroo does visit often,  many have seen it.]
  • Have given talks to many different groups all with vigorous support indicated [even had an informal salute from the shire president!]
  • Had groups of refugees, from RWANDA, LIBERIA, visit, REALLY looking forward to it.
  • Sown the seeds of possibility to so many over the year especially disability support groups, the idea of short term stays is something they would welcome.
  • Have set up a web page   ”wkgcf.pe.hu “ [mastered by William from BRAZIL.
  • A FACEBOOK account just put in white kangaroo.
  • Spoken extensively with mother about it all, had groups visit her, she was VERY VERY happy that such a worthwhile use is intended, mum and dad worked with the UGANDAN health teams for 10 years, it would be an understatement to say they had very fond memories of Africans.
  • Mother was filmed and photo graphed signing and so on, statements wishing the project would succeed with HER FAMILY not just the others.

Then in February 2020, last year mother left us, she was 96 and still sharp even though she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so many years ago by medical incompetents. [So many trained nurses [ myself included] who met her in her last days can testify that she had not that disease, she was forgetful a bit, but so are you and I.

She wrote a letter the PUBLIC TRUSTEE who were handling her estate, for a medical reassessment, that was ignored by them.

We are cutting to the chase now…….


So, basically the estate money and land is to be divided 3 ways. Me, Nicholas [N] [the executer] and JUIANS 2 sons [long story].

From the very beginning it was difficult, N’s

Lawyer did not send me copy of will or the .. estate monies and ordered me to vacate the farm[even though he knows of mums wishes] and to erase the web page and facebook links !!.

A few weeks ago I was told by his lawyer that the property had been revalued to 480,000 !!! [ up 180% from mine !!!]. I have asked who did that valuation, no reply.

A few months ago I wrote to him saying that I would be quite prepared to pay the balance if the whole property was to be sold to me [ I pay 2/3 of it ] as I was quite sure my brothers did not want it at all. I received no answer.

I MUST make a note here, I would like the property, when it is mine, to be made        “A TRUST”, run by those that live there. [ I don’t want to OWN it, “NOT MY BAG MAN !!”

So, there you have it to now, 9 MARCH 2021. I am about to write a short letter to  THE REGISTRAR 0F THE SUPREME COURT asking for advice.

Well, that will do for now, sorry for it being poorly written [my ASD, ABI excuses] and no proof reader.


            aka LIONHEART and HARPO.

              11 00hrs TUESDAY 11 MARCH 2021

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